Seasons Change

"Seasons change, barren fields will bloom again. Seasons change, gentle rains will fall. Seasons change, better days will come and then you will find the blessing is worth the pain. So just believe and let the seasons change"

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Tomorrow is the big day that I have surgery. I started a cleanse yesterday and am on a clear liquid diet today. I can have NOTHING not even WATER after 11pm tonight. My surgery is not until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. I am a little concerned about this because I am diabetic. Please pray that my blood sugar does not drop during this time. Please pray for me tomorrow and that God guides the surgeons hands. Please pray for my mom and for Aidan. Please pray for an easy recovery. I would also like to apologize in advance for my behavior in the next 36 hours. I can get very grumpy when I get hungry, so I am sorry. ;)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Praising God!

I met with the surgeon today and he had very good news for me! The cancer has not spread and it is only in my uterus and cervix! Praise God!  He has to do a modified radical hysterectomy which is more involved than a normal hysterectomy but it will lesson the likelihood that I have to have radiation.  This type of cancer is VERY rare for someone my age. I am so blessed that we caught it early. I have surgery on Monday and of course surgery has its own risks. Thank you so much for your continued prayers, good thoughts, and love.      Kelley


On Friday October 18th I was given the news that no one ever wants to get. I have uterine cancer. I had an MRI yesterday to see if it has spread and meet with my surgeon today to get the results. I have been so blessed in this. Yes I said BLESSED! So many people all over the entire WORLD are praying for me ( and some fasting for me at my church). I can't help but feel Jesus's loving hand through this journey. I am strong and I know whatever news they tell me today that I am only going to end up stronger on the other side. :) I am praying that this journey is just a little jaunt around the corner but know that it could be a long drive through the country with lots of twists and turns. For those of you you are praying for me. Thank You! For those of you sending me Love and Good thoughts Thank You! For those of you giving me Nutritional advice Thank You! For those of you that have offered to Help me get through this Thank You! I am so BLESSED! I feel like I have Team family, team Canyon Springs, team West Virginia, Team London, Team Australia, Team Frontier and Team Mommy Friends supporting me.I will update later when I have more info.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

                                        "Seasons change, barren fields will bloom again
                                         Seasons change, gentle rains will fall
                                         Seasons change, better days will come and then
                                         You will find the blessing is worth the pain
                                         So just believe and let the seasons change"
I admit that I stole this from another blog. However, I think it describes perfectly what I am experiencing right now. I think we experience different "seasons" in our life. There is the  dating season, marriage season, raising young children season, work season, "waiting" season and many many others.... I just happen to be in "Cancer Season" right now. It is not my favorite season by far but I believe it can be a season of blessings!